Travel Incentives

We believe in unique and memorable experiences. And, we believe that travel is the best way to provide unique and memorable experiences when rewarding a successful incentive program.

Travel is one of life’s true pleasures and the memories you create while visiting an unknown place or breathtaking paradise are ones you cherish forever.

Part of what we do at Landmark is create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether that’s an intimate, after-hours tour of a museum’s private collection, a gala event amid the dramatic up-lit columns of Roman ruins or a beachside dinner with live music and dancing that’s capped off with an awe-inspiring fireworks show — it’s these types of experiences that connect clients to their customers, creating a bond that goes beyond business and builds loyalty.

In any economy, incentive programs have been a proven method for increasing sales, building brand loyalty and motivating employees. Keeping your sales staff driven and maintaining positive relationships with customers and vendor partners are vital aspects to success, and now, more than ever, companies are turning to incentives for this purpose. In fact, according to a 2016 Incentive Federation study, 84% of U.S. businesses use non-cash rewards — such as incentive travel — to recognize and reward their employees, sales teams, vendor partners and customers.

With our help, your company can tap into the potential of incentives. For more than 45 years, Landmark Incentive Marketing has been designing and implementing incentive travel programs to the most breathtaking and fascinating destinations in the world. A partnership with Landmark means expertise from inception to execution. Allow our passion for high touch experiences assist your company in realizing its goals and objectives.