Marketing & Sales

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies strive for compounded growth to achieve corporate revenue benchmarks. You cannot rely on luck or fate to grow your business. Instead, a developed and customized incentive marketing and merchandising program is essential. Designed to highly motivate your sales teams and customers and move product, this type of program can differentiate your company in the marketplace. Not only does Landmark innovate these marketing programs, we show you how to defray the expenses of the promotion through incremental vendor-supplier partner sponsorship. It’s all part of Landmark’s turnkey service. Developing the right marketing initiative to achieve your goals is one of our main areas of expertise. We have programs designed to motivate your sales teams, as well as ones that foster positive relationships with business partners such as vendors, manufacturers, members, franchisees, dealers, distributors and more. When you partner with Landmark, we listen to your objectives and design a customized plan to achieve your goals. We delineate clear expectations for your program, formulate a set of concise guidelines, script a financial proforma and devise an attractive marketing campaign that includes the latest technology offerings. This customized marketing campaign runs throughout the promotion, so that your program is top-of-mind for participants. Our expert marketing team has worked with clients in a variety of industries — some of which operate in complex, highly competitive markets. Throughout Landmark’s 46+ years of experience, our programs have been proven to yield measurable ROI with double-digit incremental growth. By setting goals based on previous years’ benchmarks, top performers are motivated to maximize their opportunity; average performers are encouraged to get in the game and increase their participation; and non-performers are converted into new business. Of course, the fulfillment of the Landmark incentive program is a premium travel program. Whether your program is incrementally vendor funded or self-funded, we provide you with the guidance and tools to grow sales, increase case movement and develop a branded loyalty program. Let us develop a program uniquely tailored to meet your company’s needs.