Travel Director- Lead

A Lead Travel Director oversees all travel staff and the entire program onsite interfacing with executive clients and suppliers in order to execute a highly successful travel program.  In this role, it is the sole responsibility of the Lead Travel Director to ensure that Landmark’s program operation and travel details are met with the highest industry standards and utmost professionalism.

Department: Travel Department

Reports To: Travel Director Manager

Responsibilities Include:
  • Position one to two days prior to trip start in destination to ensure complete preparedness for executives and group’s arrival
  • Meets with all suppliers and reconfirms all details of the program in either a Pre Con Meeting or a Phone Call to supplier
  • Prepares TD Schedule onsite and assigns job responsibilities
  • Sets the schedule for the Hospitality Desk and assigns other travel staff and local desk sitters with hours for working the desk
  • Prepares welcome letters and all welcome information prior to group arrival
  • Communicates with other travel staff, clients and office on any updates to the program
  • Holds daily staff meetings onsite to review the days itinerary and any outstanding issues that need to be handled and assigns staff to these issues
  • Reviews the LOG daily to ensure all issues have been handled and completed on a timely basis
  • Supervises onsite all events, functions, tours, etc to ensure the highest level of service for clients and participants
  • Works closely with all suppliers onsite to ensure timeliness, accuracy, and highest levels of service for all tours, events, functions, etc
  • Responsible for reviewing all billing onsite and ensuring accuracy in all financial charges. In addition, completing all billing and financial trip report and returned to the office within 5 days of completion of trip
  • Works as liaison with the client onsite to ensure all needs are met in a timely and accurate manner
  • Responsible for preparing all departure and return information for entire group – and working with all suppliers to ensure a smooth departure
  • Attend the TD Briefing 3 days prior to group departure
  • Review entire TD book from start to finish to ensure complete knowledge of the entire program
  • Attend Post Trip Review and 45 Day Review for all trips assigned as lead
  • Prepare Post Trip Report and Staff Evaluations after the trip is complete
Job Skills Required:
  • Minimum of 5 years Lead Travel Director experience with groups of varying sizes from 50 – 500 persons.
  • Domestic and international destination experience.
  • Confidence with public speaking a plus.
  • Excellent people skills
  • Positive disposition in customer service.

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