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Our track record has proven that incentive programs are essentially recession-proof. This explains why savvy companies turn to incentive programs to drive business growth, even while cutting budgets for other business development functions.

Promoting Positive Relationships Increase Your Sales

Incentive Travel can give your business the drive it needs to surpass the competition and put you ahead in your industry, not to mention raise employee morale and job satisfaction. It is also an ideal opportunity to thank clients and customers. Although companies often turn to incentive programs to achieve short-term results, the additional upside is producing additional business growth beyond the contest period as well as gaining new customers for an increased market share. The relationships promoted during an incentive program have long-standing value, which explains why so many organizations whose cultures are based on promoting customer relationships outperform their competitors in every way. As the incentive trip is dedicated to a close social environment, it promotes strong loyalty, gives opportunity to solve problems, as well as meet and rub elbows with executives.

Promoting Recognition

To understand incentives is to understand people and their behavior – at Landmark that is one thing we know for sure. Recognition is the ultimate motivator and people love to be recognized for their efforts. While merchandise and travel awards are important “tangible” rewards for their efforts, Landmark understands that the true motivator is pride and recognition. They are proud of themselves when they do a great job, and what they earn in an incentive program is a bonus, a bronze star, a level that puts them in an esteemed circle of competition, a top standard club, if you will. 

Invest In Incentives

Many businesses do understand incentives to be an investment opportunity rather than a discretionary expense as is mistakenly viewed at times.

The power of incentive programs is so strong that they have continued to flourish because the positive results are realized immediately even without measuring the results. Each time a company replaces a mass marketing technique with a one-to-one strategy such as an incentive program, it will realize a ripple effect of benefits -- satisfaction, relationship changes, increased sales, larger market share -- that will sustain itself over time.

Incentives Are Better Than Cash

Cash rewards can mistakenly be considered income, it has no lasting effect, and finally, cash has a poor perceived value.  Cash is mixed in with other funds and spent. There is no residue, whereas travel outperforms and the lasting memories have a more impactful effect.

Experiences Are More Meaningful

The experience of a travel incentive trip has a much greater impact than cash or merchandise awards in keeping employees and customers happy. The full experience is comprised of not only the trip itself but also the several months of anticipation before the trip as well as the years of good memories after the trip.

Cash awards quickly lose their luster, as your winners will use them to pay off bills and credit cards. However, experiences such as a trip to Cancun or Rome or an Alaskan Cruise give winners lasting positive memories that are forever associated with their employer or host company. Here lies the irreplaceable value of the experience.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.