Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.

The key to a successful incentive program is to understand your goals, establish clear and concise rules, select an appropriate award, and consistently promote the award throughout the program. Landmark offers expert experience in creating a customized marketing and merchandising program to suit your company’s needs.

Whether your program is incrementally vendor funded or self-funded, we can provide you with the guidance and tools to grow sales, increase case movement, development customer loyalty and bonding, etc. Landmark’s innovative incentive marketing and merchandising concepts will set you apart from the rest. Working closely with you, we will develop and execute a program uniquely tailored to meet your business needs. We do it all - everything from promotional pre-planning to event planning and food show booths to guest speakers and celebrity talent.  Landmark is totally turnkey.

The Benefits For Your Company

Landmark’s strong expertise in marketing concepts and development is an evolution - an ongoing process that is creatively tweaked to best handle the challenges and changes of modern business.  At present, we have at least 10 original marketing and merchandising concepts and the variations thereof in execution.  Each concept has been carefully developed and has yielded great success with proven results. 

Our programs are molded to yield measurable growth and we work with our customers to reach these results.  We have the track record to be proud of and proven results with our client retention.

Marketing Concepts

Landmark's proprietary marketing concepts are original and suited to our clients.
Our Landmark marketing experts will be happy to review in detail any program that is the most suitable for your company.

Landmark Incentive Marketing, Inc.